Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Oh, yes, I have a blog....I forgot."

Haven't been blogging much lately. Haven't been much inspired to. I mean, really, life is much more than who won an Oscar for Best Actor, isn't it? That goes to show you that either: 1) My life is supremely boring, or 2) I have better things to do with my life than blog.

I have to admit, dear reader, that the answer is #2. Not to say that I don't value your visits to my humble little blog, or that I don't want to write things that you'll find so terribly interesting that you might leave a comment or have a cafe conversation with a friend about some thought I provoked in your mind. It is, quite simply, just that I have lots of other things on my plate: my novel, for one, which has been occupying a greater space in my mind and my overall consciousness the past few weeks. And that's a good thing. I'm ready to be obsessed with it. I'm ready to dive into researching languages that I can incorporate into my dialogue and my characters' names; I'm down to spend hours lost in the writing of what promises to be a tome of sorts. I'm ready, God/dess. Bring it on.

In addition, I have a couple of other writing projects I need to focus on right now. Deadlines, deadlines, they are a'callin'. I'm trying to pull together an essay for a contest that I desperately want (and need) to win in order to purchase my very own laptop (ah, the very thought of having my own computer--I use H.'s right now--makes me sigh dreamily). And I need to pull together an application and writing sample for a much-longed-for workshop that is coming up this summer. Wish me good luck!

So, gentle reader, I doubt that I'll be blogging much anytime soon. But I'm sure that the blog and web site links I've provided to the left of this text will give you much brain-fodder and textual entertainment to distract you while I'm otherwise occupied. And who knows, maybe you'll go out and start your own blog instead of just reading mine. ;-)