Friday, October 29, 2004

If Everyone Could Vote...

...and their votes were actually counted (what a concept, eh?) and fairly calculated, etc., John Kerry would almost surely be the next President of the United States. Check out this interesting web poll conducted by the Center for Third World Organizing, which trains organizers of color from all over the country. Which means that this vote is slightly skewed to the left but it's a historical fact that poor people, immigrants, people of color, incarcerated people, youth, etc. in this country have always voted more progressively than others.

Check it...and if you know folks who are denied the right to vote b/c they're not citizens, are youth, are in prison, blah blah but are still devastatingly affected by our country's policies on schools, prisons, the death penalty, immigration, welfare, etc. forward this to them so they can participate.

Peace in the East-

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Can't vote for the next U.S. President?  Make your voice heard here!  Join the worldwide community and cast a ballot today!
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We’re inviting all youth, immigrants, ex-felons, people living outside of the U.S., to vote for president at  Please help by participating in this vote and/ or passing it on to more people.

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Worldwide Web Ballot, Statistics as of October 28, 2004, 2:00pm

Poll Question: Presidential Choice
Bush 4%
Kerry 96%

Voting Status
Under 18 years of age
Bush 7%
Kerry 92%
Not US Citizen
Bush 1%
Kerry 98%
Denied the right vote
Bush 0%
Kerry 100%
A person who lives in another country
Bush 6%
Kerry 93%
Under 18
Bush 5%
Kerry 94%
Bush 5%
Kerry 94%
Bush 2%
Kerry 97%
Over 50
Bush 0%
Kerry 100%

Poll Question: What do you think is the most important issue that the next U.S. President should address?
War on Iraq / U.S. Aggression 43%
Attack on Immigrants 19%
Health Care 6%
Repealing corporate tax cut 3%
Jobs 8%
Education 14%
Voting rights 1%
Other 4%

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