Monday, January 31, 2005

Not Much Ado About Not Quite Nothing

Not thinking very many deep thoughts these days. Well, nothing suitable for the blog, anyhow.

Watched 'Ladykillers' on DVD the other night, even after D. told us that it was 'terrible.' I didn't find it so terrible after all, although I have to say it was the first film I'd seen in a while in which the proverbial 'black guy' dies first. Surprise, surprise, eh? The surprise really was that I hadn't seen that in a flim for at least six months.

Took my mom out for dinner on Friday night for her 60th birthday, to Roy's in downtown San Francisco--'Hawaiian fusion cuisine', which means a lot of fresh seafood, some Hawaiian and Asian ingredients and dishes like macadamia nuts, kim chee and gyoza. Moms actually enjoyed it a lot, which I was surprised about. I thought she would think the $25 and up entrees too extravagant for my budget (which they were, but good food is my big weakness). But now I know where I get my somewhat expensive tastes from, because she loved it, and offered to bring us back there in a couple months, her treat. God, if only I could eat at nice restaurants like that at least once every couple weeks, I think I would be so overjoyed by both the anticipation leading up to and the happy memories after the meal that the rest of my life could strike that precious balance between bliss and burden that can be so elusive at times.

Spent part of my Saturday filing papers away at work, which felt good because we purged so many old and outdated foundation publications and guidelines that were taking up so much space. Now that we've cleared out the old, we can make way for the new: prospecting for new funders is up next.

Went shopping yesterday at Nordstrom Rack and bought some nice new pieces from good designers at cheap cheap prices. That's what I'm talking about. I balk at spending more than $50 on any one piece of clothing--with the exception of coats and maybe really nice sweaters, so my finds pleased me: a pair of Eileen Fisher cargo jeans that look way more hip-hop than anything I thought she would design, a bright red t-shirt with a pink 'R' emblazoned on its front, and a pale pink camp shirt--I don't know why I'm into pink and red lately, I think it's the insidious influence of all the Valentine's Day stuff all around the stores.

H. and I took a leisurely walk around the scenic Crystal Springs Reservoir. The trail is right next to the 280 freeway for a good stretch, but once we got down the hill and away from it, it felt like we were far away in the country. We even saw a group of about eight deer feeding on the grassy slopes beside the trail.

Yup, that was my weekend, in a nutshell. Not much to hoot and holler about, but that's really all right by me. It pleased me. And that is precious.

Hope your weekend was just as pleasing,


bino said...

i always look forward to "nothing." most often, the best alternative.

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