Friday, February 04, 2005

A-Bloggin' We Will Go...

I love finding blogs that make me want to hang out with their bloggers. So I'm adding Utopia is a Practice to my blogroll. I found this guy (embarassed to say I don't even know his name) because he left a comment in response to one of my blogposts. Seems like he's a musician, a Latino brotha, does sustainable living stuff and has good politics--check out his recent posts on learning earth plastering techniques to build houses and the 'insider scoop' on my favorite Bush-wonks, Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales. Fresh!

I also love finding out that my friends have started their own blogs, often at least partially inspired by my own venturing into the blogosphere. Recently added Daniel's A-One Chronicle (but still haven't figured out why it's called 'A-One'--like the steak sauce, Daniel?), which has of late been the chronicle of Daniel's foodie adventures in Oakland and Frisco. Always fun to find out where good food is being dished up.

I also love the sexy-boy pics that El Serenito has been posting during his self-proclaimed 'myheowbernation'. Yes, you'll have to read his blog to find out what that word means.

And early congrats to Chavajero, who is getting married 'for real' in the Church next week (which is why you won't find any recent posts on his blog--ahem). Can't wait to see the pics, C.

See you in blogland or elsewhere-

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chavajero said...

Hahaha! Damn, I know, I haven't been posting at all. And I actually have lots of interesting things that I want to post about—going to Carnaval in Argentina, for example. But, I've just been swamped. I will try to get something up there soon though. I think I'm going to have to assign someone (Ed maybe?) to post the wedding pics after the wedding, 'cause I will be busy and then off on our luna de miel (honeymoon)...

I still love reading your blog, Rona.