Monday, July 18, 2005

Reading Material

What are you all reading right now? If you visit, please comment.

My current reads:

Dune, by Frank Herbert, because Chitra told me I should read it.

Arranged Marriage, by Chitra Divakaruni. Excellent short story collection. It's interesting to read an author's work after being in a workshop with them. It helps extend the learning.

That's it for now. Although, of course, I have a shitload of books on the reading backlog, as any good writer does. ;-)



Gura said...

I LOVE DUNE! Then again, I'm a sci-fi freak. And though I've read the book, I do appreciate each of the movies that have been made from the book.

Not reading much of anything right now. Thumbing through various poetry books for the money dance.

Gura said...
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Anonymous said...

Reading about Revolutionary Cadre Structures:
We Are Our Own Liberators by Jalil Muntaqim

For my own benefit for my intended stay in China:
Bad Elements : Chinese Rebels from Los Angeles to Beijing by Ian Buruma

Finally, for my Sci-Fi fix:
Timeless Stories for Today and Tomorrow ed. by Ray Bradbury

Normally I don't read this much, but my lack of work has forced me to occupy my time learning. :) But, I am slow and it takes me forever to read.

I am a bit surprised that you hadn't read Dune (not that I have either, though - you'll have to post a review ;)

Now off to bed, with a book.