Monday, December 12, 2005

The Final Hour

It's not too late to save a man's life--namely, Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, co-founder of the Crips, ex-gang-member turned children's book author and gang-truce advocate. I dread the dismay and disappointment and anger that folks in the 'hood who look up to Tookie as an inspiration to stay out tha game will feel if the State executes him tonite. You can go out to San Quentin and show your soildarity, but even better would be to fax, email or call the Governor's office to urge him to grant clemency to this reformed man, so that he can continue his work to bring peace to the war-torn streets right here in Ghettoland, U.S.A.

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Sud Ram said...

The opportunity for change has already risen and I believe it doesn't end with his physical death.

The death penalty issue in itself is a whole other story... Crazy and reflective of the confusion brought by the concept of good and bad.


Sud Ram