Sunday, December 05, 2004

Good Morning, Pat!

See, I knew I'd end up wanting to post after saying I was taking a break. Oh well.

Woke up this morning in a particularly dramatic (in a good way) mood. Perhaps it had to do with hanging out last night at the Slit exhibit, housed in the new Center for Sex and Culture on 11th and Harrison in Frisco, and being surrounded by kick-ass Asian women and their equally kick-ass art. But more about that show later.

So I woke up feeling a bit dramatic and therefore busted out the Pat Benatar CD and programmed in Promises in the Dark, We Live for Love, We Belong, etc. All my favorites. And I'm singing really loud and probably off-key as I type. Pat is the supreme rock star diva of my generation. She wrote her own songs, rocked out like nobody's business, had her husband backing her up in her band as her lead guitarist, and wrote about meaningful topics like runaways, the trauma abused children face, and, of course, heartbreak. And I always loved her big teeth and overbite--the fact that she was intriguing looking but not beautiful in a conventional way made her appealing to us normal-looking gals who had mucho attitude but not a lot of frilly, feminine beauty to boost us into visibility.

For now, I leave you with Pat's lyrics:

"Many times I tried to tell you/ many times I cried alone/ always I'm surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone/ Don't want to leave you really/ I've invested too much time/ to give you up that easy/ to the doubts that complicate your mind..."

I'm off to a theater/performance workshop to get in touch with my own inner diva...


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