Thursday, December 16, 2004

O Christmas Tree & Other Good News

I came home last night to find that H. had bought a Christmas tree (surprise!) for our home. It's so cute! 2 1/2 feet tall and perfect in all its green finery. This is definitely the highlight of my holiday season so far, because I haven't lived in a home with a Christmas tree in it since 1991!

H. and I grew up with very different experiences of Christmas--it wasn't a priority for his folks to celebrate, while my family (and in particular my step-father, for various dysfunctional and quite tragic reasons I won't get into right now) was somewhat obsessed by it. We had 8-foot-plus flocked trees every year, dozens of gifts for each child, decorations up the wazoo and endless Christmas carol records playing on the ol' turntable.

I'm looking forward to sharing a bit of my Christmas tradition with H. this year, and it feels so sweet that he got the tree all on his own; I can tell he's catching some of the Christmas spirit.

In other good news: I was overjoyed when I watched the finale episode of America's Next Top Model last night (yes, it is my favorite show). Eva the Diva is the new Miss ANTM, and ain't no stoppin' her now. I'll post more on my favorite ANTM contestant later, but let's just say that after the elections, this may be the best upset victory I've ever witnessed.

Go on, Eva-girl, serve up some of that hot stuff for the whole world to see.



Gura said...

Rhett can't stand the show, but I get totally hooked when he's not watching. I was rooting for early on the plus-size model, but missed the last few episodes.

bino said...

i saw last season. but this time around with that ultra-flamb boy-host who went on drag at one point--no, no. i cant stand him. why is he trying to steal the glam from the gihls? for better beauties, watch the SWAN...monday is the pageant. meow.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the idea of opening lines of communication? You know, an 'open dialog' sort of thing. Maybe sort shit out. Come to terms with years of sharpening our knives on one another?

Do you know who I am yet? Would you prefer if I never wrote you here? Have you come to terms with our combined past?

Is it preferable to you that I just left you the fuck alone? I would understand if that were the case, I just want to make sure.

You sound like you are doing well.

Let me know. Or not.


Rona Fernandez said...

nope, tyler, i have no idea who you 'are' yet. i thought you were just a random web-surfer who stumbled across my blog and enjoyed it. if you are someone indeed from my 'past', please reveal yourself. my email is

Rona Fernandez said...

And for Bino, isn't the SWAN that horrible cosmetic surgery one?? Eeeeeekkk. I don't think I could stomach women altering their whole facial structure in order to look beautiful.--Rona

Gura said...

yeah, Bino, I try not to watch the SWAN, but of course end up watching anyway when the remote hits upon it. I think they just make them all look the "same", but appreciate that they go through counseling as well. At least they show that surgery is painful.

Speaking of surgery, didn't Miss "first ever supermodel" judge on ANTM get some serious surgery between last season and this one?

Rona Fernandez said...

haha! Miss Janet Dickenson--'the world's first supermodel'--i can't tell if she's had more 'work' done; her enormous and so-very-silicone-enhanced breasts keep distracting me from any facial reconstruction she may have endured. Good eye, though, Gura! --R.

bino said...

have u heard of a beauty contest in china called "miss plastic surgery?" well there, cosmetic surgery seems to be spreading and becoming more public.

im trying to think who EVA is...

thinking, thinking...