Monday, August 01, 2005

Finished Dune

And damn, that was a helluva ride. I have to admit I'm a little embarassed that, as an aspiring sci-fi novelist, I'd never read Dune until now. Never seen the movie either. Now I see why they call it 'the supreme sci-fi masterpiece' on the cover. Some amazing shit for someone in the mid-1960s to write. And it's interesting how many 'deja vu's' I experienced reading the book, how many scenes were so similar to stuff from Star Wars, the Matrix, etc. I wonder how much influence Frank Herbert had on George Lucas, the Wachowski brothers, and others. I'm getting a lot of ideas/inspiration/lessons for my novel.

Now I get to watch the movie finally (had to read the book first!).

Ironically, I'm heading off for the desert of New Mexico tomorrow for work. Not quite Arrakis, but I'm sure there'll be lots of sand.


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