Friday, September 02, 2005

Tell Our Government to "Get Off Their Asses"

The post-Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans is a national emergency. But because New Orleans and southeast Lousiana is mostly poor and Black, our federal government, FEMA and other government agencies are dragging their feet to get help to these people. If you don't believe me, check out the horrors people are facing on Democracy Now, CNN and other news sites for yourself.

And if you're fed up with the slow response to this horrible disaster like I am, call the White House and tell the President to stop the f**king around and get down to the business of saving people's lives.

White House comments:



And I have to say that I'm disappointed that hasn't taken any real action to get real relief to the people of New Orleans. People are just not taking this situation seriously enough.

In Struggle,

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Anonymous said...

America gets what it deserves when we elect a dumb-ass for president -- priviledged, party-boy alcoholic who now says he's found JaHEEEESus.

Revelation says that "many will be mislead". I hope all the 'christians' recognize that they're the ones the bible was talking about. I hope that they are ready to ask god for forgiveness.