Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Generic Jedi, Boba or Janga Fett, or a Sith?

I'm searching for the perfect Halloween costume and bemoaning my lack of sewing skills (and machine, although my kumare/comadre has one that she's always said I can borrow). Found some cheap Jedi robes, but they're all made of polyester. Polyester! Can you imagine Qui-Gon Ginn or Obi-Wan Kenobi wearing polyester? I think not.

The one character I know I'm not interested in being is Queen Amidala/Padme. Too elaborate, too girly. And I ain't pale enough neither.

But I did find some surprisingly cool-looking Darth Maul costume, which made me wonder whether I could be seduced to the Dark Side? Hmmmm....

Too bad Gura didn't nab a bunch of extra Jedi robes and light sabers during her time as a Jedi. Sniff.

Wish me luck,


Anonymous said...

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Gura said...

they made us sign a waiver saying we wouldn't steal anything. You know Jedi code and all. I lucked out and had a nicer polyblend robe, a couple of others got these super heavy and hot wool robes. I have the expanding toy darth maul double lightsaver if you want.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rona,
I found your blog awhile back, and have quietly been reading it since. But it seems somehow dishonest to read it without telling you that i am. So I am. It sounds like you are doing well, that is good. Congratulations on your writing. When you finish it, let me know (if you want) as I'd gladly pony up the cash for a copy. Wow, Rona the Science Fiction author. Who'da thunk. I'd love to eventually hear from you, if you were ever up to that.

take care,

Anonymous said...

PS- My friend Mike also works in an official capacity for Lucas. He plays Chewbacca at all functions where Peter Mayhew is not available. Maybe your friend Gura knows him.

Just a thought.