Monday, February 27, 2006

State of Emergency

I had an anxiety dream about this the other night, imagining that people I knew were going to be arrested randomly, for no reason. I'm glad that Priscilla has returned safely from the Philippines, but I am worried, nervous, stressed-out about the escalating drama that continues there.

Gura posts about it, as does Chatelaine. I've found some cool posts via Blogger, like this one, and feeling grateful for technology and independent media. I've been checking the The Philippine Daily Inquirer every few hours for the latest updates. It's a messy, violent, confusing situation out there. My homegirl M. is getting updates from the provinces that things are still calm, that in Manila is where the turmoil is. Right-wingers, leftist militants, poor folks, students, workers--it seems like everyone, anyone is the target for GMA's cold wrath.

And then I remember that I had planned to go to the Philippines for the first time ever this coming December, and I think, "Will I ever get to go?" But even if I haven't been there, I feel like a part of me is there, itching to march in the streets, daring the dictator to shut down the will of the people.

And it doesn't help that there won't be a new Octavia Butler book again, ever.

Moody blue,

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