Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What Would the Buddha Do?

I think someone should start making buttons, bumper stickers, necklace pendants, T-shirts, etc. with this slogan. WWTBD for short. It's a lot more relevant and interesting than the 'What Would Jesus Do?' slogan.

I've been trying to reflect on the Buddha's teachings more often lately, reading some Thich Nhat Hanh before I go to bed, trying to do sitting meditation for at least a few minutes every few days. It helps. It really does. It keeps me from screaming at my neighbors, who virtually live in a cloud of pot-smoke that annoys me to no end. It keeps me from breaking down when I'm too tired to cry, laugh or be angry because I'm working so much and wish I could stop. It keeps me from falling apart. It keeps me sane, even happy at times.

I also went to a people of color sit/sangha that is happening every first Sunday of the month at the San Francisco Buddhist Center. Funny, how we have to make plans to sit and do nothing. And to breathe.

But it's what the Buddha would do, right?


bino said...

been doing meditations a lot lately. something about the stars, rona? backchannel and let's buddha chat...

Gura said...

What Would Buddha Do? stuff over at Cafe Press.