Saturday, January 28, 2006

Eight Quick Hits or I Love Lists

1. Work is kicking my ass. We have a big presentation with one of our main funders next week for renewal funding and a proposal deadline Friday (I like to be an overachieving, overprepared girl so the fact that I'm not already prepped or done with both of these things stresses me out. Trying to learn that not being an overachiever is okay. Breathing.) Also, on the conference front (yes, I'm working two jobs right now!), things are going well, but also hectic; got a zillion emails coming in and going out. But I think it's all under control. End of February is my big deadline---most of the heavy lifting for the conference program will be nearly done by then.

2. Reading Where a Nickel Costs a Dime by Willie Perdomo as part of my poetry-collection-a-month activity. Been peeking at Asha Bandele's Absence in the Palms of My Hands, which I've read before, but not in its entirety. Also half-way through Saul Williams ...Said the Shotgun to the Head. Still have Nin, Hemingway (pretty boring, if you asked me) and Chandler on my reading list. Feeling a big scattered reading-wise lately, but that's cool.

3. Feeling pretty much better now although my tinnitus is acting up now and then. It hasn't acted up like this in at least six months, so it's a bit strange.

4. Went to kali women's class last night for the first time--come to think of it, that was the first kali I'd done in about six months. Not feeling sore, although I expect to have a couple small bruises thanks to Tuhan's pressure points demonstrations.

5. Been listening a bit to the furor over the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court. Have to admit I'm a bit desensitized by these constant offensives by the Right. Got to pick my battles, although I'm sure I signed a petition or sent an email to Feinstein on this one, at least. This is a huge nomination, one that will affect interpretation of law, women's rights, how racial discrimination (or anything having to do with race) and sexual harassment cases are dealt with in this country. Frightening.

6. Related to 5: An interesting column by Mark Morford in the Chronicle connecting the Alito nomination to my current favorite flick, Brokeback Mountain. I like the Buddhist-influenced rhetoric near the end of the piece.

7. Taking a break from the novel to get some fresh perspective on it before I dive back in for serious revisions. Just signed up for novel writing class that starts in March. Need more structure and supports for the long stretch of rewrites ahead.

8. Last but definitely not least: the World Social Forum wrapped up in Venezuela, with President Hugo Chavez (my favorite politician of the moment, with Evo Morales a distant second (just 'cuz I don't know a lot about him) calling for the world to 'transcend capitalism'. Can you see why I love this guy?

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