Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pointing Out the Obvious

Is something I try to avoid doing, but it felt weird not to somehow acknowledge the fact that I'd changed my blog template. With all the rain and storming happening in these parts lately, I needed some light. Artificial or no, I'll take it.

And maybe something not-so-obvious: I've added an 'Upcoming and Recent Sightings' section to my sidebar with info about where to find my words or performances. This Friday, I have the pleasure of performing in Small Press Traffic's Poets Theater Jamboree with Rhett Pascual, fellow Kalista Caroline King, and poet Dennis Somera in Michelle Bautista's play, "The Laureate", appearing as the title character (as in 'poet laureate', get it?), which is ironic given my recent post about shying away from any appropriation of the term 'poet' to describe myself.

Is the universe trying to tell me something in offering me this role? Is there a reason why poetry has been appealing to me more lately, why I find myself drawn to verse (although I doubt I'd ever abandon prose)? Maybe. But I'm just gonna have fun with the role and try to put on a good crowd-pleasing show.

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