Saturday, July 15, 2006

What is Hezbollah? Hamas?

These are the questions I fielded as best I could from H. last night, as we watched some grim reports on European news (yay Channel 26!) about the conflict and violence in Israel and Lebanon. It's a confusing, sickening, awful mess. Jan in SanFran gives her two cents here.

And of course, mainstream media coverage in the U.S. is woefully superficial and biased. How about talking to some ordinary, everyday Lebanese people? Or showing images of suffering on both sides of the conflict? I'd given up a long time ago on even the so-called 'liberal' opinion papers being more than propaganda machines for the Pentagon and Department of Defense, but it still makes my stomach turn to see how much of a failure the news media in our 'democracy' is.

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janinsanfran said...

You might want to refer folks to this from a site written by Palestinians. I'm writing a post now which will also reference it.

I am sick over this Israeli atrocity having just been in Lebanon.