Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Edit Mode

An in revision mode for a short story I've been writing off and on for about two years. The story just got critiqued in a workshop I'm in with Junse Kim, an excellent teacher by the way, you can find him teaching public classes through The Writing Salon in San Francisco.

I also submitted the same story for Jessica Hagedorn's character development workshop that I'm doing in a few weeks at Voices of our Nations or VONA. I'm excited to finally study with La Hagedorn (as Bino calls her. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on her work.

I'm super-excited to study with Chris Abani. I've heard he's a great teacher, and his writing just kicks ass. I'll be getting my sci-fi novel (yes, the same one--it takes a long time to write a book when you're working full-time) workshopped in his class.

I lied, actually, because I'm not just in edit mode: in a few days, when I turn this story in for another round of workshopping, I'll have to start doing tons of reading, since Abani's workshop, dubbed the "Complete Novel" workshop, requires each student to turn in at least 100 pages of their manuscript, and I want to finish Abani's The Virgin of Flames before then too.

Wish me luck...Con Cariño,

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New Haiku said...

Hey! I'm way flattered that you link to my blog...Hope you got a lot outta VONA this past session! Gonna link yours to mine from my page too.

I just started, er, should say started again writing more for the outside very recently.

Be cool, keep writing!

Charles "Chuck" Cuyjet