Saturday, June 30, 2007

Other VONA-ites & Their Takes

I did a quick search for other bloggers writing about their VONA experience these last few days, and although I don't know these folks I know we share a kinship now as fellow VONA alums. Head-nod to Black Girl Lost...In a Book and Gemini Poet. If anyone else out there knows of other blogs by VONA-ites, please holla.

Peace and Writing,


Trenee said...

Hey Rona! I don't remember us meeting either, but I'm sure if I saw your face it would instantly come back to me. I thank you for the shotout and wanted to point out one other VONA alumni blog:

I'm sure you remember Olufunke!

mel said...

hey Rona! It was great meeting you. Let's keep in touch and keep the stories going...xo Mel