Monday, July 09, 2007

Some things

Just added a bunch of new people to my blogroll:

Jason Guillermo Luz, an old friend from Cal, who also just recently returned from a trip to the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

LA Foto Boy aka Ibarionex Perello, who took photos at VONA and has some gorgeous images on his blog.

Melanie Hilario's The Mel Mystique. Mel was in Jessica Hagedorn's class with me last week at VONA. Another Pinay writing sci-fi/fantasy. Yeah!

Olufunke Grace Bankole's Iyan and Egusi Soup. Olufunke's another VONA alum, but didn't get to meet her.

Chuck Cuyjet's Open Journal. Chuck was the workshop director this year at VONA, and always had a smile and a hug ready. I loved his energy.

Want to blog soon about the REsegregation decision of the US Supreme Court, but I feel like I'm still in denial about it. Give me a minute, I'll compose my thoughts and send the out soon.


meinallmyglory said...

not too far from you. live in Sacto. good blog.

mel said...

thanks for the shout out, rona! i feel the same way...go, sci-fi pinays!

Re: the supreme court decision - UGH. I know I'm in denial as well, in fact hadn't even heard about it till your blog (I've gotten into the habit of ignoring news for stretches at a time, bc it all sucks). Just heartbreaking.

iyan and egusi soup said...

dear rona,

thank you dearly for adding me to your blog roll.