Friday, July 20, 2007

That Wasn't No 4.2 Quake!

But alas, it was. The USGS says the reason it felt so strong was that it was centered closer to the surface (not in the deep depths of the very active Hayward Fault.

The temblor jolted me awake, made my heart thump like a running bunny's, and prompted H. to urgently whisper, "Let's go!" He forgot that doorways aren't really safe places during earthquakes. If you're in bed during an earthquake you're supposed to stay there and cover your head with a pillow in case shit starts falling down on you. Makes sense.

These smallish quakes are nice, fairly gentle reminders from our all-powerful Mother Earth that we need to get prepared for 'The Big One', children, and I for one am not going to be one to stand around (especially after what we've seen happen to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina) and watch Oakland be ignored after a major catastrophe strikes. Which is what will happen unless Mayor Dellums and other powerful Oaklanders (and people like me) don't get together to prepare ourselves for the inevitable. San Francisco and Berkeley are both way too prominent socially, politically and economically to NOT draw resources and media attention from Oakland, where the damage will be just as great if not greater when the Hayward Fault ruptures someday.

So let's get a campaign started, people. Let's get Oakland ready for the Big One. Gimme a holla if you're down for the cause.

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mel said...

I am totally down for the cause. I was on the phone w/my friend Meeta, whose house shook so hard stuff was falling off shelves. Not a lot, but enough to freak her out. We talked about getting geared up for emergencies, w/first aid kits, flashlights, extra h2o, grundig radios, the whole bit.

i like it, rona! count me in.