Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama (do)Nation

Yes, I'm a member of the Obama Nation, officially, starting today. And more importantly, the $25 donation I just made to Obama's campaign, to help him win against Republican John McCain in the November election, is the first donation I have ever made to a Presidential campaign in my life. I think Obama actually can help turn this country around, and the fact that he has raised more than 90% of of his campaign funds from people making gifts of $200 or less, which totally flies in the face of conventional fundraising wisdom and strategy, signals to me that he has captured the imagination of this country, and that ordinary people are ready to work with him and each other to make this country a truly great one.

Coming from a fundraiser who routinely makes donations large and small to all kinds of organizations, and sometimes (although rarely) to politicians, the fact that I've made my first Presidential campaign to Obama says something. Make of it what you will.


janinsanfran said...

I admit it -- I gave him $25 after PA in the hope he could bring it to a close as soon as possible. That will almost certainly be it for me -- if I give to candidates, they are usually in small local races. But there are some huge groups one wants to be part of ... :-)

NoeValleyJim said...

Yeah, I am definitely going to give Senator Obama a chance to disappoint me as well. Which means that I really have hope that we are going to get a decent leader, finally.