Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Your Whiteness is Showing"

That's a line from this article by Tim Wise, about the white feminists who are (publicly or not) deciding not to pull their support over to the Obama camp now that Clinton has officially (and frickin' finally!) stepped out of the race.

I really like Tim's writing and work, because he tells it like it is in a way that people of color can really say, 'Thanks for being a good white ally! We need more of you." I wonder though if his sometimes in-your-face rhetoric actually gets through to the well-meaning White liberals he's often trying to address.

Anyway, judge for yourself. And have a beautiful Sunday!


Cathy said...

I like Tim Wise and this article a lot, but when I shared this article with my liberal white family (all Obama supporters), they found it to be too harsh a rant to appreciate.

PeonInChief said...

As it turns out, the sprint of white women to McCain is media hype, and current polling doesn't indicate that women who supported Clinton are going to do anything other than support Obama. It appears the media was hoping for some conflict that isn't going to happen. Some women may be angry, hurt, dejected, but they're not dumb.