Thursday, August 26, 2004

Get Your Revolutionary Notebook Out...

You know, the one you're hiding with the pictures of Che, Ho Chi Minh, Frida, Huey Newton and Angela Davis on the cover (I would put others on there, especially revolutionaries from my homeland of the Philippines, but I'm too paranoid about the PATRIOT Act to risk it--really, check out the list of 'terrorist' organizations, folks). Bust out your pens and thinking caps, peoples, 'cuz there is some serious revolutionary knowledge spinnin' 'round the world these days. A few places to look:

1. Max Elbaum's new Revolution in the Air web site, loaded with syllabi from his popular classes on left strategy, reviews of his book, readings on left history, and other good stuff for revolutionaries of all stripes (except the right-wing variety, of course). And if you haven't yet bought a copy of Max's book (published by Verso), please do so. A detailed history of the Marxist-Leninist-inspired young radicals of the post-1968 era, it's essential reading for anyone who considers themselves progressive in the U.S, especially those who think that progressive politics and radical communist movements have nothing to do with each other.

2. Anything written or spoken by Vandana Shiva or Arundhati Roy. These women are brilliant, compassionate and truly revolutionary.

3. Walden's Bello's writings on globalization and free trade madness. His writing is sharp, accessible and relevant. He's the kind of intellectual I most admire. And he's a nice guy too.

4. Any Indymedia site, and there are dozens all over the world, on every continent on the planet. If you don't know already, Indymedia provides a truly democratic medium for grassroots activists and others to post their own stories, images and news about protests, social movements and politics in their local areas. No doubt there will be plenty of coverage in the coming week of my next pick....

5. News about the Republican National Convention, being held in New York City next week. The City is virtually on lock-down in preparation for the massive protests against the Bush regime and the Republican party's spectacle aimed at keeping Bush in office. More than 20,000 'law enforcement' officials, cops, what have you, trained in 'anti-terrorist' tactics and ready to rumble are stationed in the Big Apple. And there are reports of FBI agents trailing activists, etc. Oh where, oh where, has our democracy gone? (Oh yeah, we never really had one, did we?)

6. Democracy Now!, on your local Pacifica station or affiliate station. Especially good when the morning newspaper or the nightly news on TV has you ready to vomit or sink into a ten-day-long depression. DN! will pick you right back up.

So fill up that notebook and don't forget to apply what you've learned in the big, bad world out there. We need you to be with us.



oscarchoy said...

Hi there ronagirl from the East Coast! I started a blog to report on the events I'll be attending around the RNC. I feel like if I have a blog to keep up, it will force me out of the work-a-week haze into action. Check it out for some first-hand accounts of the elephant carnival.

http://rodsandcones.blogspot.comP.S. - love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

as deppressing as the news is, i find DN! more depressing since the truth hurts so much more. but, i'd rather inflict pacifica wounds on me than nbc...