Saturday, August 07, 2004

Who Says There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Well, maybe not a free lunch, but there are tons of free events happening this weekend--testament to the fact that not everyone is a greedy capitalistic freak trying to get they money on. And although I'm sure there'll be more than enough corporate sponsorship, advertising and giveaways at all these events there's still lots of stuff to see and do that won't cost you a damn thing but some gas / BART / Muni money and good ol' fashioned legwork.

I already mentioned the San Jose Jazz Festival, a two-plus-day musical extravaganza taking place in downtown San Jo' (and yes, I hear Dionne Warwick singing in my head too) that's totally FREE--even free parking!

Then there's the two-day Aloha Festival in the Presidio in Frisco, with Polynesian music, dance, food and even an Outrigger canoe race! I'm heading out there tomorrow after shakin' my groove thang at the jazz festival all day today.

Finally on Sunday is the Bang the Drum 20th anniversary showcase, a free hip-hop concert at Kezar Pavilion featuring locals and legends (and legendary locals) like Chuck D, Davey D, Rza from Wu-Tang, Paris, Heiroglyphics, Vin Roc, Apollo (Pin@ys in da house!) and many others.

So who says nuthin's free?

Blessings, enjoy your weekend of free-dom,

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