Thursday, August 19, 2004

List: Things to Smile About and Be Thankful For

Hearing from my acupuncturist today that he is the proud new papa of a 9-week old baby boy. Congrats!

Knowing that I will be seeing my acupuncturist soon after almost six months without treatments. My ears are still bothering me and I'm hoping he can help me heal myself for good.

My Pilates class at my gym. I can feel my "Core" getting stronger every week. My posture is gorgeous and I can do a mean body-roll now--look out!

Dancing, dancing, dancing. Did I already say dancing? All kinds of music, all kinds of movement.

Eating scrumptious, beautifully prepared food. Hung out with my old friend A. today at Liberty Cafe on Cortland in Bernal Heights. Warm roasted figs with goat cheese and walnuts, a chicken pot pie, and fresh lemonade (we split the dishes, I'm not that much of a pig!)

Seeing movies by myself. Just saw "The Story of the Weeping Camel" today. It's a foreign film set amongst the nomadic people of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Subtle, moving and gorgeous to look at. And who knew camels could have such emotional depth? ;-)

Coddling my inner child and watching cartoon-movies like Brother Bear. I still haven't seen Finding Nemo yet though (I know, already!).

Round-faced babies and small children smiling, laughing and playing (or even crying).

Knowing that I will have a baby of my own someday soon (no, I'm not expecting yet).

Hugo Chavez winning the referendum vote again (see previous post).

Being able to raise money for an organization that does kick-ass work fighting for true educational justice for California's youth.

Hearing from friends and acquaintances that they like, love or at least read my blog. Just heard from Chavajero that he reads all my posts. (The cynic in me is still waiting for the critics to come out of the woodwork.)

Being in a healthy, loving and beautifully evolving relationship. (Awwww...;-)

My circle of friends--some of the most thoughtful, generous, supportive, radical, loving, interesting, talented and overall brilliant folks that I know. I am honored to have them in my life (you know who you are!).

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