Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm in Love

Not with a person, or a pet. Not with a concept or an image, a poem or a book or a song or a substance. Nope, I'm in love with something far more insidious yet utilitarian, something that's a little bit bigger than a bread box but smaller than an extra-large pizza: my ultra-sleek-slammin'-dope-funky-fresh-brand-spankin-new-wireless-ready-straight-out-da-box Macintosh 15-inch Powerbook. Aaah, love for inanimate objects can be so oddly obsessive, yet shockingly satisfying.

And I'm not the only one happy about my new purchase. Already, four people have exclaimed 'Congratulations!' when they found out I was a new Powerbook owner. Mac addicts are such geeky/cool creatures.

Happy in Love,

1 comment:

chavajero said...

Welcome to Mac fanaticism, Rona. The cool looking hardware and smooth interface are what bring it on, but it's the "boring" things like no crashes and a complete lack of viruses and spyware that really make Mac usage consistently pleasant. Have fun.