Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Whole 'Nother Level...

...of existence. I'm writing this blog while sipping earl gray tea sweetened with half-and-half and brown sugar and sitting out on the sundrenched garden patio of my neighborhood cafe, Bazaar, taking full advantage of their wi-fi network and eavesdropping on my cafe-mates' conversations. It's a frickin' gorgeous day, even in the Richmond district in Frisco, where usually the fog and cold makes me wish that I had brought an extra sweater with me in the morning.

I just finished working on my novel for about an hour, which is the longest chunk of time I'd had to write in a couple weeks. It feels good. So does working on my tan while clicking away on my new baby, whom I have not christened with an official name yet, just silly little nicknames that I will not divulge on this blog.

Going to head out to Oaktown soon to watch the long-awaited Episode III with Gura & Co. I've heard is at least better than Episodes 1 & 2. I guess genius does fade over time. But at least this is the last time we'll have to be tortured by bad love scenes set in front of a CGI backdrop.

Maybe after tonite I'l have more evidence to help flesh out my theory that Yoda is Filipino. (short, flipped grammar, kick-butt martial artist--need I say more?)

Tanning and blogging away,

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