Friday, July 16, 2004


Today I feel I need to jump-start my...motivation, muse, whatever it is that gets me into the groove of writing. Been feeling blue lately--the state of the world and my own inner turmoil can do that to me sometimes--and just the sitting-down-and-starting part of the writing process has taken some effort. At these times, though, it is not only important (for my mental or spiritual well-being) but crucial to write. Because these valleys and lows are part of life, are part of the rhythms of the seasons, the ebbs and flows that make up our innately human existence. Without them, life is not really all that interesting, is it? And there are many nuanced insights hidden away in these darker, more clouded and often frightening days.

Absent from this photo
still I see you
your toothsome grin
camera-ready always
unreadable, unreachable
smooth facade like cool marble
protecting you from
and even

Take care, folks. I'll be writing and reading and sitting in this silence.

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