Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Rant/List 1

Annoying things that make me want to complain:

People whose definition of friendship does not exclude flirting with your boyfriend.
People whose definition of friendship includes talking about you behind your back.

Going to ethnic restaurants owned by people of color and seeing white people get seated and served before you--when you were there before them.
Going to restaurants owned by white people and seeing white people get seated and served before you.

Driving down the street in San Francisco--one of the wealthiest and most elite cities in the world--and seeing men and women holding cardboard signs on concrete road dividers, begging for work or cash.
Driving down the street in SOMA or downtown Oakland and seeing empty 'loft' housing and abandoned buildings.

Leftists who think that being successful at reaching lots of people with your message (a la Michael Moore) automatically disqualifies you from the left.
Democrats who continue to cant that Ralph Nader spoiled the 2000 presidential election, and have little or no criticism of their own party's ineptitude.

Poor people feeling bad about being poor, like it's somehow their fault that this system is so screwed up.
Rich people feeling that it is their birthright to be rich--because, come on, aren't they just naturally better than the rest of us?

Vague hunger that gnaws at me but gives me no clue as to what will satisfy it.
Going out of my way to satisfy a more exact craving, only to find that having whatever I was craving doesn't satisfy me either.

Ok, I'm done complaining for now. I guess I'll go out and actually do something about all this stuff. That's my normal MO anyway.

And don't worry, Part II of Breaking the Rules: Jazz, Kali and I, Robot is coming very soon.


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chavajero said...

You've got at least one person who checks in on your blog regularly to see what you've written: me. I love it.

Look, we're spreading the blogging—you inspired me, and now:

Can you tell me how to list links to friends' blogs on your main page? I don't know how to do that...

take care,