Sunday, November 14, 2004

Argentino Graf

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From Chavajero, who's in mourning over the results of our Presidential election way over in Argentina, a visual:

It feels soooo good to know that the rest of the world is in agreement with me and all my other progressive/radical/liberal friends in the U.S. No, folks, we are not crazy. The world is with us.



bino said...

saw briefly hitchcock's VERTIGO and thought about your trials recently. meeting with my friend who visited argentina tomorrow.

chavajero said...

You know what's really interesting to me here in Argentina? It's not that everyone here has a radical perspective on Bush, it's that even the conservative-leaning folks are critical of him.

We shouldn't kid ourselves, there are plenty of right-wing conservatives here that probably support him and the war in Iraq, but there also seem to be a lot of folks who we would generally place on the conservative end of the political spectrum that think the invasion of Iraq was stupid, illegal, and is worsening rather than improving the safety of the world.

General sentiment also just seems to be that people think Bush is an idiot. But then, people here tend to think that all politicians are idiots.

I wish I could speak more to to some of the political organizing going on here, but I have no contact with it beyond seeing protests on the news and occasionally in the streets when I'm downtown (they're never in the neighborhood where I live). I'm kind of embarrassed about my lack of connection to what's going on here.


bino said...

theres a link to an essay in ver's blog. im gonna read it... it might be on mfa crap.