Saturday, November 27, 2004

List: Rejection Sucks & Post-Thanksgiving Lethargy

This is mostly a bad-news post...but don't worry, I'm feeling pretty happy overall. The sun is shining here in Frisco, I've got Turkey Day leftovers in my belly, and Christmas is just 4 weeks away! I really am loving the holidays more and more as I get older, I have to admit--it might have to do with the fact that my birthday is also around this time of year: December 30th to be exact, but who's counting? ;-)

Bad news item #1: I didn't make it into Hedgebrook, ther women writers' colony I'd applied to. I really thought I had a good chance, but no go. My guess is that I'm not far along enough on my novel project for them to want to house and feed me for a month. Oh, well. I might take El Serenito up on that offer for a recommendation to an artist's colony in España--wow!

Good News #1: Although I was thoroughly bummed when I got the news on Wednesday--I think I didn't smile for like five hours afterwards--I got over it quickly, and by Wednesday night, as I was elbow-deep in Turkey Day cooking and cleaning, I had forgotten all about that pesky little rejection letter (I threw it into the recycling while I was cleaning, too).

Thanks to Leny and others for your support and encouragement, especially H. who has given me much comfort and encouragement. And Leny, I hope you get in!

Bad news #2: I gained three pounds in the last week, I'm guessing mostly from the grotesquely huge portions of butter- and fat-laden Thanksgiving food I've been consuming, and the glasses of wine I've washed it all down with. (Giggle) I love to eat, but I'm startin' to slow it down a bit. Damn, why does stuffing have to taste so good?

Bad news #3: This extra weight and all the sugar and alcohol I've been downing have made me feel really sluggish. I had planned to go to the gym yesterday with all the rest of the guilty, flabby folks, but I decided to give myself a day off from anything that could be construed as work of any sort. So aside from doing some lite Christmas shopping downtown amid the throngs of tourists, I didn't do diddly-squat--except eat more stuffing. ;-)

Good news #2: I made it to the gym today and worked up a nice sheen of perspiration, sweating off those pesky fat globules and pumping some iron. I know I'll be sore tomorrow but I've still got my endorphin high. Woo-hoo!

Good/Bad News #3/#4: I've got four Christmas presents down already--and just fifteen or so to go. ;-(



bino said...

not so much bad news but a normal thread in life. :-)

which also informs us that we have to strive harder next time. and if that still doesnt work, rethink our strategies.

(this also applies to gaining weight over the holidays. in my case, a blessing).

will be more than happy to send a beautiful note to the residency people when you're ready.

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