Tuesday, November 02, 2004

More Shady Sh*t in Ohio

This just in via my email box from the League...

"Voting rights violations are already happening around the country - and more are on the way.

In the wee hours of last night, a federal appeals court cleared the way for political parties to challenge voters' eligibility at polling places throughout Ohio, ruling that their presence on Election Day was allowed under state law. 

This is the first time that political parties will be allowed to apportion partisan challengers by precinct instead of by polling site - thus increasing the number of challenges at Ohio polling places.

Sign up for text messaging to be alerted about voting rights violations, voter intimidation, and other sketchy bizness at the polls - plus November 3rd actions in case of election theft.


Essentially what this means is that the Republicans can send their goons to polling places in Ohio to challenge anyone they suspect of not being a legitimate voter--i.e., anyone who is a Democrat or who they think will not vote their way. Legal voter intimidation, that's what this is folks. Believe it, it's happening.

This can't be a democracy if all people aren't represented, folks. Don't let this election be stolen.


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