Thursday, November 18, 2004

"Busy Little Bee..."

Anybody who knows what movie the above quote comes from gets a batch of my special-recipe chocolate chip cookies. (Hint: think togas)

I haven't been posting lately because I've been busy, busy, busy. Started my round of meetings with other writers to help me figure out my path--to MFA or not to MFA? It's been quite intriguing. I spoke to my friend L. who has chosen the non-MFA track, and also just finished up a residency (and her novel) at the Cottages at Hedgebrook, to which I've just turned in an application for a month-long stay of my own. New acquaintance J., whom I found via Chatty and the Flips email list, gave me his take on New College's Writing and Consciousness MFA program. Very interesting stuff. Also, it's great just to connect with writers and talk about our work, our processes, etc. Feels real good, especially after my (somewhat negative) past experiences with less generous and more insecure artists/writers.

I'm planning to meet with a few other folks and to start visiting campuses to meet staff, faculty, students. My shortlist right now includes Mills and Antioch. If any of you out in blogworld would like to share your comments on these schools, please do.

I've also had more work-stuff lately because we are in the process of choosing a new Executive Director. And while the process has been long, it has not been arduous, because I and the rest of my co-workers know how important this decision is. This is definitely the healthiest and most productive ED search I've been a part of, and we are very lucky to have some great candidates to choose from.

Lastly, I've been writing a lot, too. I finished up (finally) a solid outline / list of chapters for my novel--a sci-fi/fantasy book with lots of gender-bending and queerish stuff--which makes me feel very hopeful about moving forward. I've got about 120 pages of a first draft right now and have a ways to go still, but glad I have my handy road-map/outline to guide me through.

And H. and I are planning a little getaway soon--to refresh our spirits and spend some romantic couple-time together. We both really need it for our own well-being, and our relationship could use the boost that only some R&R in a beautiful place, away from our ordinary lives, can provide.



bino said...

um, animal house? (chomping on a big mac)

Rona Fernandez said...

oh, Bino, puh-leese. Hint #2: Period film.

bino said...

ok ok ok gladiator. meow. but dont forget miss bette davis said it first.

i love sci fi. do u read octavia butler?

good luck on the book.....

Rona Fernandez said...

B-i thought you might be a sci-fi fan. Maybe when i'm working on the 2nd draft I can get you to read some of the novel. I've read a little O. Butler--Parable of the Talents--it was fascinating but a bit depressing.

Oh yes, so if I ever meet you in person I will surely bring you some of my special choc-chip cookies. ;-)--R.

bino said...

residency: also consider valparaiso in mojacar, spain. one month. great food. quiet space. lemme know. i can recommend u.

Rona Fernandez said...

Mmmm, Valparaiso looks beautiful (just Googled it). We'll see how much time off I can get from work. It may be a possibility! Thanks for the ref & offer for a recommendation-R.

bino said...

you can apply takes a while to get accepted. they have a long waiting list. but of course connections can get your application pulled out of a pile. THAT i can offer. i also had a f/t job when i went there. a choice between an american lit colony (in our current status quo?) and one in SPAIN, is for me, a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

I know its a cliche, but life is a mystery. Is it not? When, 8 years after "the incident", i found myself sinking into the same godforsaken selfimposed hellhole as before, I swore I saw you in disguise singing in a concert on "Trio". I lashed out, looking for some sort of answer. None were forthcoming. For a period of time I was, once again, a creature of my own id, assuming, presuming, consuming. Desparately trying to figure out what a world outside of my control was turning me into. gravity is a harsh mistress.

I sense somewhere along the way, you defended my character. If that is true, I am forever grateful. I am grateful to have known you, and I wish you all the best. Have a happy Christchaunakwanzaakah.

We may be done with the past, but the past ain't done with us.

Go watch Shrek with new eyes.

When last we talked, you urged me not to come to the East Bay as you "had to live there". I didn't get the whole picture then. Niether, presumably, did you. How could we? The universe is far to big and mysterious for our fragile little human minds. With hindsight, it's kinda difficult to belive or understand that we were together so long, isn't it?

Anyhoo, I am sane once again. But, if you look at this life from a certain perspective, how could one not go a little batty?

Promise to myself: No more gorilla suits.

Tyler Durden

Rona Fernandez said...

Uh, WHA'??? --RF